What Typeface ?

SHUTR has deceased

Fotomagazine SHUTR didn’t survive as a high quality platform for displaying portfolio’s of professional photographers. Today I received the last issue. Well, that’s too bad. It seems that publishing this quality is not possible, there’s not enough audience. The lettering of the magazine’s name is interesting. It is the font Europa Grotesk nr 2. Specifically …

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Think Bike Sign

What to think when you see this sign ? Eventually when you are thinking about that, perhaps a motorcycle glides in your view and you are just confused and not thinking as a motorcycle, more startled. Maybe that’s good.

In Your Brain

At specific spots in your brain scientists can see reactions in a MRI scanner, when you look at pictures of one letter at a time. In special places in the cortex visual images cause a series of ‘uplights’ that form a pattern. If those pattern are processes in a special algorithm the form of the original …

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What Typeface ?

The typeface used here is the Museo 700, designed by Jos Buivenga, a pretty popular font. It has serifs in the form of a rounded short line in one direction. The rounding and the semi-serif makes the font friendly and easy-going. The situation here is a advertisement for a non-profit organisation, printed in a newspaper. …

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