Stars of Frank Stella in Amsterdam

Frank Stella Amsterdam 2015
American artist Frank Stella (USA 1936), painter and sculpturer, has untill september 2015 a very interesting art object at the Gershwinplein in Amsterdam. With the name “Inflated Star and Wooden Star”, it is in fact just that, two big twisted mathematical objects.
Stella has sought a contrast in material and elaboration between two in principal identical objects, to obtain an intriguing tension. The composition is part of an art-walk (ARTZUID) in Amsterdam-Zuid.

Inflated Star and Wooden Star Frank Stella
Both object are derived from a small stellated-dodecahedron, a star body out of a regular 12 faced body with identical pentagons, the dodecahedron (one of the Platonic solids). The stellated-dodecahedron (one of the Kepler-Poinsot polyhedrons) has twelve 5-sided pyramids with a regular pentagon as base.

Frank Stella Inflated Star
Stella had made two different star bodies, one of polished aluminium, and one open wireframe-type figure of teakwood. The closed body of aluminium has sort of floppy starpionts, as if air is streaming of it. It seems that the pyramids are all the same and mounted together ramdomly twisted.

Frank Stella Wooden Star
The open wooden star is particular complex. Inside the figure seems to be more than one other pointed star. Very precisely made. Both figures are set up as digital objects and than made with computer aided manufacturing.

Frank Stella at Gershwinplein in Amsterdam 2015