Handdrawings in Amsterdam

Drawings made on the site at different places in Amsterdam. As a group called Buitentekenen we used to go every week to a suitable place to draw outside. Spring and summer (2018), the weather was fine. With Joep Vooijs, Martin Abma, Marina Moolhuijzen, and Judith Ernst. My drawings are with pencil, (water)colorpencils and aquarelpastels; afterwards detailed …

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Largest known prime number discovered with over 23 million digits

Prime numbers are divisible only by themselves and one, and the search for ever-larger primes has long occupied maths enthusiasts. However, the search requires complicated computer software and collaboration as the numbers get increasingly hard to find. The new number is as big as 2 raised to the power 77,232,917 minus 1. A number with 23,249,425 digits, …

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Spectacular Rainbow Installation on Central Station

In Amsterdam’s Central Station, this spectacular rainbow will be displayed until December 2015, commemorating both the 125th anniversary of the station along with the 2015 UNESCO ‘Year of the Light.’ Every evening just after sunset this evening, you may happen to catch this brilliant rainbow. A project developed by D. Roosegaarde and astronomers at the …

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Amsterdam Light Festival

From 27 November 2014 to 18 January 2015 there is a light festival in Amsterdam. Light art project are shown in different areas of the innercity. There is a boat route ‘Water Colors’ and a walking route (from 11 december) the Illuminade. Light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary (inter)national artists. The boat route will …

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Spacetime. Tiny elements create bizar universes.

Thimothy Budd, of the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) of Copenhagen University, does research on models of quantum grafity. He tries to find connections between microscopic models of space-time and Einstein’s classical theory of general relativity. The pictures represent the development of space and time according to special mathematical computations. From one startingpoint tiny elements of spacetime, …

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Outbursts of the Sun better understood with new pictures

New high res pictures of the Big_Bear_Solar_Obsevatory in California show how sunspots arise from flares. Very detailed observations of scientists of the New Jersey Institute of Technology are presented at the 224th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Boston. The 1,6-meter New Solar Telescope (NST) has made the sharpest pictures of the sun ever, by compensating …

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Graphic Art or Graphic Design of Ryan McGinness

The art of Ryan McGinness is definitely very graphic. Using primary colors, high contrast, sharp lines, clear forms. He is usings symbols and logo’s, picto’s and illustrations, in collage like images. You can recognize silhouettes of everyday objects and themes from the world of graffitti. This work is called Dream Loops. It contains also figures of …

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Build Now On!

White safety helmets form the words: “Bouw nou op”, Build now on. A demonstration of organisations in the building industry at the Senate in The Hague to get more attention for the crisis situation in the construction industry. The sans-serif letters are very carefully made of white dots and very clear.

Black Magnets

Black magnets attract or repel other magnets. A magnet is a material that possesses a magnetic field, a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials.

SHUTR has deceased

Fotomagazine SHUTR didn’t survive as a high quality platform for displaying portfolio’s of professional photographers. Today I received the last issue. Well, that’s too bad. It seems that publishing this quality is not possible, there’s not enough audience. The lettering of the magazine’s name is interesting. It is the font Europa Grotesk nr 2. Specifically …

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Escape in this direction

When you have to escape right ahead, what direction is the arrow on a sign ? What makes sense ? The escape signs in Europe should be all the same. Technical regulations are a typical field for overall legislation in all the European countries. Signs for escaping in buildings must have a uniform language because …

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Think Bike Sign

What to think when you see this sign ? Eventually when you are thinking about that, perhaps a motorcycle glides in your view and you are just confused and not thinking as a motorcycle, more startled. Maybe that’s good.

In Your Brain

At specific spots in your brain scientists can see reactions in a MRI scanner, when you look at pictures of one letter at a time. In special places in the cortex visual images cause a series of ‘uplights’ that form a pattern. If those pattern are processes in a special algorithm the form of the original …

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U-shaped Iron Magnet

A magnet has two poles, usually called north and south. The horseshoe shape is useful because the poles are close to each other and create this way a strong magnetic field. For as opposite poles attract each other.

NASA logo Ultra Design

The “old” NASA-logo is made of a very cool typedesign. Strokes are bend round to make particular curves. There are no sharp corners or connections between strokes. And there are no T-joints (as usual in letter A). The design was spot-on in his time. Published in 1975 as a design of Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn. …

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What Typeface ?

The typeface used here is the Museo 700, designed by Jos Buivenga, a pretty popular font. It has serifs in the form of a rounded short line in one direction. The rounding and the semi-serif makes the font friendly and easy-going. The situation here is a advertisement for a non-profit organisation, printed in a newspaper. …

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